Kriti Sanon reacts to a fan asking the name of her boyfriend

Kriti Sanon reacts to a fan asking the name of her boyfriend


| February 28, 2023, 15:56 IST

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Recently, Kriti Sanon, who uses social media extensively, was spotted in Shehzada with Kartik Aaryan. Recently, news of the actress’s engagement to Indian actor Prabhas gained widespread attention. According to rumours, they intended to exchange rings in a private ceremony in the Maldives.

Kriti had a, “Ask me anything” session on Instagram on Monday. Her fans were seen enquiring about her skincare regimen and upcoming ventures. A fan asked her about her boyfriend and his name among the crowd. The actress responded in a quirky way. Kriti posted a video of herself in response to the fan’s query. That’s a secret…even to me,” she was heard saying, before giggling.

Earlier, when rumours of her engagement were rampant, the actress released a cryptic message along with a clip of Oprah Winfrey saying,”Expecting people to do what you would do in a situation only leads to your disappointment, not theirs. They are going on with their life. So let people be who they are and either you accept it or you don’t.”

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