Shilpa Shetty choose Baazigar O Baazigar for her Monday workout playlist watch it here

Shilpa Shetty choose Baazigar O Baazigar for her Monday workout playlist; watch it here


| February 27, 2023, 14:27 IST

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Shilpa Shetty is one of the fittest actresses in tinsel town and is quite the inspiration to many out there when it comes to fitness. The diva looks incredibly fit as she is extremely diligent with her workout routine. She often shares videos and snaps of her working out for motivation.

This morning she took to social media to share a video of herself working out to the song Baazigar O Baazigar from her 1993 film Baazigar. She starred in the film along with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

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She captioned the post with, “Ab gaane mein Baazigar kuch alag hai, toh ‘Monday motivation’ bhi toh kuch alag hona chahiye (Baazigar is a bit different so the Monday motivation should also be different)! Today’s routine is just a fun cardio step-workout with a little ‘SSK twist’

Furthermore, she added, “It majorly works the cardiovascular system and legs. Make sure to time it, though. E.g.: do it for 60/90/120 seconds × 5 times or more reps. (Just remember to keep an eye on the platform, so you do not trip over it and use a platform height according to your fitness level.) I have done it on a 4” platform. If you do try this one out, remix this reel with me, and don’t forget to tag me. Happy Monday! #swasthrahomastraho #FitIndia #SimpleSoulful #FitIndiaMovement #fitnessreels.”

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