A womanâs gaze though is different says Zeenat Aman as she debuts on Instagram

A woman’s gaze though, is different, says Zeenat Aman as she debuts on Instagram


| February 13, 2023, 11:41 IST

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Zeenat Aman was quite the sexy siren back in the ’70s. She ruled the silver screen and was paired with almost all the A-lister male actors in that generation. She has contributed immensely to the world of Hindi cinema and till date, people still talk about her fashion-forward choices back then and her bold avatar on celluloid.

With social media forming the crux of our lives these days, Zeenat Aman hopped onto the bandwagon as she joined Instagram on February 12th. She shared some stunning shots of herself but it was her caption that caught everyone’s attention.

She captioned her first portrait shot for the gram, with, “In the 70s the film and fashion industry were absolutely male-dominated, and I would often be the only woman on a set. Over the course of my career I have been photographed and filmed by many talented men. A woman’s gaze though, is different. This series of pictures was shot by young photographer @tanyyaa.a_ in the comfort of my home. No lights, no makeup artist, no hairdresser, no stylist, no assistants. Just a lovely sunny afternoon together. It’s such a pleasure to see so many young women working on both sides of the lens today. I look forward to discovering more such talent on Instagram.”

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Several stars from Tara Sutaria to Neetu Kapoor welcomed the actress wholeheartedly and Zeenat Aman sounded ecstatic to be part of the online world.

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