Portugal confirms citizenship application from ‘oligarch’ under sanctions

The Publico newspaper previously reported that Russian businessman God Nisanov and Israeli businessman Lev Leviev are awaiting a response on applications for Portuguese citizenship

Portuguese authorities are studying applications to obtain citizenship from two “oligarchs”, one of whom is under US sanctions, Reuters reported, citing a statement by the Portuguese government.

The Portuguese Ministry of Justice reported that the two men's applications for citizenship were “pending consideration”. ; without giving details, the agency writes.

The Publico newspaper previously reported that Russian businessman Andrey Rappoport received Portuguese citizenship in December 2019 (Forbes estimated his fortune at $1.2 billion in 2022). Two more— Israeli businessman Lev Leviev, as well as Russian businessman God Nisanov— are awaiting a decision on granting Portuguese citizenship, the newspaper wrote. RBC turned to the representative of God Nisanov for comment.

The Portugal News, citing Publico, writes that all of these businessmen, as well as Roman Abramovich, who previously received Portuguese citizenship, received documents from the Jewish Community of Porto (Comunidade Israelita do Porto, CIP), confirming their Sephardic origin. Sephardic Jews were expelled from Portugal and Spain in the 15th century. Now these countries have legislation that allows their descendants to obtain citizenship in a simplified manner.

God Nisanov— co-founder of the Kyiv Ploshchad company, whose assets include the Food City agricultural cluster, the European shopping and entertainment center, the Depo gastromarket; and hotel “Ukraine” in Moscow. Nisanov came under US sanctions in early June. Forbes estimates his fortune at $1.3 billion.

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Lev Leviev— Israeli businessman referred to in the media as the “King of Diamonds”. According to Forbes, he owns an integrated diamond company with mines in South Africa, as well as a controlling stake in Africa Israel Investments, which specializes in real estate and construction. In 2018, the publication estimated Leviev's fortune at $1 billion. to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In January 2022, the Portuguese authorities began to check the legality of granting citizenship to Roman Abramovich. In March, as part of the investigation, Rabbi Daniel Litvak was detained, who issued a document that allowed the businessman to obtain citizenship. Litvak was going to leave for Israel before being detained.

Amid the investigation, Portugal changed the law on the naturalization of the descendants of Sephardic Jews, adding the condition that the applicant for citizenship must have close ties with Portugal. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, Augusto Santos Silva, explained that the amendments will help to avoid manipulation.

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