The United States is wary of the common views of Russia, China and Iran on the Ukrainian problem

Photo: Global Look Press

China and Iran clearly support Russia's stance on Ukraine, and this is a “worrisome phenomenon” for the West, wrote columnist Mark Episkopos, writing for the National Interest.

In his opinion, a significant part of the non-Western world remains neutral or, in the case of China and Iran, “clearly supports the Russian vision of the conflict,” the author notes.< /p>

The publicist also points out that there are still many adherents of a point of view that differs from the American one in the world, despite the “continuous attempts of European and American politicians to build a united global front against the Kremlin.”

“The Grain Deal concluded a week of Russian diplomacy, which, according to experts, was intended to show that the Western campaign on economic and political strict isolation of Moscow has failed,” says Episkopos.

Earlier, Putin, together with the presidents of Iran and Turkey, took part in a trilateral summit on Syria, which was held in Tehran. In addition, the head of state held talks with both Iranian and Turkish counterparts, and also met with the spiritual leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei.


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