Kumar Sanus daughter Shannons RETRACE is perfect for the festive season

Kumar Sanu’s daughter, Shannon’s RETRACE is perfect for the festive season

by | November 9, 2021, 15:14 IST

After her single, RUN, achieved moderate success, Kumar’s Sanu’s daughter, Shannon Kumar Sanu, has come out with a soulful number called RETRACE. According to a statement by the makers, RETRACE is a melancholic song from an artist’s soul, confronting some hard-hitting reality and long-standing insecurity of an artist. The song depicts the pain and the struggle of an artist that they keep fighting inside them.

“This song is close to my heart and every artist will relate to it. I hope the song reaches out to those who are always let down by someone, or when they’re told that they aren’t good enough and need to keep changing themselves for the irrelevant people to feel accepted in the world. This song is an attempt to assure them that they are not alone. This track is an expression of my real emotions that I have been feeling lately. It presents a soulful rendition, portraying a war between heart and the harsh reality of the outer world,” says Shannon Kumar Sanu.

“Shannon is an extremely talented artist and this is not coming from a father, but a fellow artist. The single ‘Retrace’ has a vulnerability in its lyrics and that’s what moved me when I first heard it. Shannon’s unique and versatile voice adds an intense emotion and expresses delicate shadings in the song. She has created an identity in the West and I feel extremely proud seeing her evolving and growing everyday personally and professionally.” Kumar Sanu added.

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