Neha Dhupia has some tips for new mums in town 

Neha Dhupia has some tips for new mums in town 

by | October 14, 2021, 20:54 IST

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi turned parents again last week, as they welcomed a baby boy to their family. The actress is back home with the baby and has already set to work. In her exclusive interview with Bombay Times today the actress reveals about her being a mommy for the second time and what every new mum in town should keep in mind.

In the interview the actress talks about how she got back to work this time on the sixth day itself. She told BT exclusively that she shot some commercials from her house. Speaking about getting to work, the actress says that getting back to work soon helps with postpartum stress.

Neha Dhupia said, “Postpartum is something I still don’t see enough women or new mums talking about. I think people should reach out to people on this subject. Anything can trigger it like you see your body post delivery, once your baby is out you just feel so hollow or left out, things like breast feeding through the night or not being able to sleep or not knowing what to do when you have a crying baby in your arms. These are the things I am aware of now and so I am not letting them upset me.”

She further gives out some major tips to new mums and she says, “Appreciating yourself as a mother is very important and I feel every new mum should do this like when you see yourself in the mirror just appreciate your body that has given life and don’t be hard on yourself. So whether you have stitches or stretch marks or a few extra inches around you… own it, because what you have done nobody else can do.” Now that’s some cool advice isn’t it?  Neha Dhupia says that she and Angad have zeroed down on a name for their baby boy, but have not decided on the final one. 

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