Exclusive: Divya Dutta and Faraz Arif Ansari to represent Sheer Qorma at DFWSAFF

Exclusive: Divya Dutta and Faraz Arif Ansari to represent Sheer Qorma at DFWSAFF

by | October 10, 2021, 15:04 IST

Sheer Qorma, a short film that stands to represent the LGBTQA+ community with a heart-warming story starring Shabana Azmi, Divya Dutta and Swara Bhasker. It is produced by Marijke de SouzaThe film has already won the Best Short Film Audience Award at the Frameline Film Festival and qualifies for the BAFTA 2021. Adding another feature to it’s already heavy hat, director Faraz Arif Ansari and Divya Dutta are now travelling to the US to represent the film at the DFW South Asian Film Festival. 

Talking about the same, Divya said, “Very excited to go with my director for this amazing trip to Dallas and to New York. It’s such pride that one feels when you see Sheer Qorma flying high at every possible festival. It’s exciting to see, in person the love the film is receiving.” 

Furthermore, Faraz too shared their excitement for the upcoming trip and said, “I am supremely excited that Divya Dutta and I get to travel to the US and be a part of DFWSAFF & NYCSAFF in Dallas and New York City with our film Sheer Qorma. We are grateful to the US Consulate for granting us the NIE to promote queer cinema, inclusion and open a larger dialogue on queer rights in the United States. This would be the first time that we would be attending a film festival in person and watching the film with a live audience in a big screen theatre… just like good old times! Later, I will also be traveling to San Francisco to screen the film in collaboration with Frameline and Parivar Bay Area. Also, I had to add that I am very excited to wear fabulous clothes on the red carpet by some of the leading Indian designers, Siddartha Tytler, Mehraab & Dania Siddiqui. Here’s hoping we win many awards!”

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