Nora Fatehi talks about her personal style

Nora Fatehi talks about her personal style

by | September 29, 2021, 17:19 IST

Nora Fatehi has evolved into a celebrity that has a massive fan following. The actress has impressed one and all with her sexy moves and her talent to emote on screen. Nora has openly spoken about the challenges she faced when she entered the industry once she reached the position to voice them. Today, every time the diva steps out, she turns heads with her personality, style and good looks. In a recent interview with us, she revealed how much of her time and mind goes into picking the right outfit for her appearances.


She said,“Yes, I’m actively a part of everything involving me! I dress according to what vibe I want to exude and it depends on my mood! But I firmly believe in always looking presentable, feminine and aspirational! Heels and a nice bag is always a must whenever possible.”

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