Varun Dhawan is helping this young gun to prep for Bollywood

Varun Dhawan is helping this young gun to prep for Bollywood

by | September 28, 2021, 17:13 IST

Varun Dhawan is quite a bankable actor and has several hit films to his name. Varun is one of the most loved actors of today’s time and has some interesting projects in his kitty too. Varun’s niece Anjini Dhawan too wants to become an actress and now we hear that she has been taking advice from VD for her big break in Bollywood.

Anjini’s dad and senior actor Anil Dhawan told a leading daily, “She has been working hard for over two years. She’s been learning to dancing, do acrobatics, undertaking lessons to learn the skills required to do action smoothly and also working on her linguistic skills and getting her diction right. She has also had two-three coaches teaching her acting.”

He added, “See she has had three-four projects come her way. However, we are not happy with those scripts. Today filmmakers want to have young, fresh faces in their films, so we are being very particular about the work she is taking up. With 51 years actively working in the industry, Anjini likes to take my suggestions and opinions for sure (Laughs!). But she also turns to people that are around her age group like Varun Dhawan. Both of them discuss a lot on the phone. She takes his advice. Moreover, she likes to speak with Rohit (Varun’s brother) too. He is a director and has a different point of view from Varun.” Keep watching this space for more on B-town.

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