Juhi Chawla shares a fun party memory of Shah Rukh Khan

Juhi Chawla shares a fun party memory of Shah Rukh Khan

by | September 24, 2021, 15:51 IST

Shah Rukh Khan has a good relationship with almost everyone in Bollywood and he’s known Juhi Chawla for a long time. In an interaction during a show, Juhi Chawla opened up about a time when she invited Shah Rukh Khan to a party at her place and he ended up coming there at 2.30 AM when she was fast asleep!

“Whenever there is a party at our house, we always invite Shah Rukh Khan. I’ve worked with him in several films, and he is also a partner in our sports team, so we always call him home. During one party, I had called him, and everyone was excited that he was coming, especially my staff because they wanted to take pictures with him. I had told him to come by 11 pm, but he had mentioned that he would come slightly late. Eventually, he came after around 2.30 am, by the time the staff had left and I had slept. The food was also over, everyone had gone home and that’s when he came,” she said.

Farah Khan also chimed in about SRK’s timing. “We all know that when we have a 9 am call time, Shah Rukh will come at 2 pm, but that’s fine. However, when he suddenly comes in at 11 am, things go for a toss. Sab gadbad ho jata hai and we have to then change things around. So, I feel late aa rahe ho, toh consistently late aao,” she added.

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