Sanjay Dutt recalls the time he gave his first shot ever for Rocky

Sanjay Dutt recalls the time he gave his first shot ever for Rocky

by | September 14, 2021, 23:38 IST

Sanjay Dutt is adored by millions of people for his persona and how he has dealt with his life all these years. The actor has had his fair share of ups and downs and yet he has come out victorious, Sanjay has some gripping projects lined up too like Shamshera, KGF Chapter 2 and more. Recently, the actor appeared on a reality show and talked about his debut film Rocky.

Talking about the experience of filming Rocky he said, “I was nervous. I was a newcomer, think about the kind of pressure that was in me. The shooting was in Kashmir and my first shot was to scream and jump, shouting ‘help’. Mr. Suresh was there and he didn’t think I could pull off the stunt in one go. I assured him I can, saying, yes Suresh uncle and he replied saying not to refer to him as uncle here, here he was Master Suresh. I looked at my dad and he told me to look at him and hear what he was saying. There were around 50 to 60 people there and I was very nervous. First shot of my life, lights, sound, camera everything is ready to go. I had to yell ‘help’ and jump. When I did that everyone was silent and I wanted to cry thinking what had happened, no one was saying anything. After a brief pause Mr. Suresh said done and started clapping.”

Opening up on performing his stunts in his debut film,  Sanjay shared, “I had to learn to ride a bike to perform all those stunts. I have done all my stunts myself. All the heroes of that time had this thing where they all wanted to do their own stunt. Be it going through a glass or to ride, fall, etc. I jumped from 65 feet, there were boxes there (no airbags).” Awesome, isn’t it?

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