A lot of us are being vocal about equal pay – Kareena Kapoor Khan on Bollywoodâs pay disparity

A lot of us are being vocal about equal pay – Kareena Kapoor Khan on Bollywood’s pay disparity

by | September 13, 2021, 18:35 IST

It’s no secret that Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of Bollywood’s most sought after actresses. She’s had a remarkable longevity in an industry that is extremely cutthroat. Now, there were rumours that Kareena had demanded a whopping INR 12 crores for a role as Sita in a reimagining of the Ramayana. Immediately, Twitter set off against her with trolls calling her all sorts of names. Interestingly, actors in the industry who haven’t been in half as many movies as her, are never questioned about their fee. Now, in an interview with a leading foreign publication, the actress has opened up about the issue.

“Just a few years ago, no one would talk about a man or woman actually getting equal pay in a movie. Now there are a lot of us being very vocal about it,” she said. “I make it quite clear what I want and I think that respect should be given. It’s not about being demanding, it’s about being respectful towards women. And I think things are kind of changing,” she added.

According to media reports, the film which was set to be directed by Alaukik Desai, would have required strenuous preparation on Kareena’s part for eight to 10 months. It would have been Bebo’s biggest film till date.

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