Sonakshi Sinha exudes power on the latest cover of Filmfare

Sonakshi Sinha exudes power on the latest cover of Filmfare

by | September 9, 2021, 18:33 IST

Red’s not just a colour, it’s a feeling. It represents love, fire, rebellion, desire and stands for everything passionate and fierce. These words not only describe the crimson shade but also our immensely beautiful and creatively driven cover star Sonakshi Sinha, setting our latest cover ablaze. 


She’s already proved to the world what a commercial success she is and now she’s letting her artistic side out in the open. With the project House of Creativity, she’s letting the world know that her life is meant for art, colour and positivity. Bending the rules and setting a glorious path for herself on her own terms, Sonakshi Sinha plays the bold and beautiful cover star for Filmfare, exuding power and finesse in the shades of red. 


As we celebrate her decade long run at the movies and her journey to finding that unshakable voice, here’s presenting our cover, curated with care and creativity featuring Sonakshi Sinha. Take a look. 

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