Bhumi Pednekarâs special plea for everyone to save the planet 

Bhumi Pednekar’s special plea for everyone to save the planet 

by | September 3, 2021, 13:16 IST

From collaborating with climate activists across the country, to using her social media to raise awareness on this subject, to participating in conventions to discuss the future roadmap on climate action, Bhumi is working non-stop to protect the future of our planet. She says there is still time to protect Earth but for that we will all have to come together and make changes in our daily lives. Bhumi further adds, “Yes, the awareness that we are in a climate crisis is on the rise but we are nowhere close to what we all should be doing to protect the environment. It will need all of us to be extremely conscious about what we do in our daily lives to protect the future that lies ahead. I can see people engaging and talking about being better and taking care of the planet. Yes, it is a start but there is a long way to go.”

Bhumi spearheads the hugely lauded social media initiative Climate Warrior that aims at raising awareness towards protecting nature. She says, “Climate Warrior is doing its bit to raise as much awareness as possible. I have tried to be as active and as vocal about the need for change and the need for climate justice. We will have to come together to ensure that we find solutions in our daily lives. Every bit counts and every bit matters.”

Bhumi is worried about the extreme weather conditions plaguing our planet recently. She says, “We can see that we are experiencing extreme weather conditions and that will only deteriorate further in the coming years. Researchers and data is telling us this so it’s no longer an assumption. We will have to be conscious about the crisis we are in and how much worse it will get in the new decades.”

She is optimistic that we can all make a difference to protect the planet. She says, “We can still make a difference. We can save the planet and we must do so. I will continue to raise my voice, collaborate with climate warriors and try and educate as many people as possible. I hope everyone does the same. That’s my vision for climate warrior because we all have to be climate warriors to save our planet and our future generations.”

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