âœI have always been a one woman armyâ – Rakhi Sawant

“I have always been a one woman army” – Rakhi Sawant

by | September 1, 2021, 16:30 IST

After a lovely article was posted about her on the author’s website, Rakhi Sawant has thanked Twinkle Khanna for the kind words. Founded by Twinkle Khanna, Tweak India had carried out an article on Rakhi Sawant wherein they had praised her for her ability to live life on her own terms and to hell with what anyone has to say.

“Thank You so much @twinklerkhanna and @tweakindia it means a lot to me .. thank you @twinklerkhanna ji that you removed your precious time and wrote something nice about me. I have always been one woman army fighting for what I believed in .. in a place where I was laughed at , made fun of , trolled, abused however I still stood strong on my grounds .. today I m proud of what I am and that I can take care of me and my family and overcome all the hardship by bringing in joy laughter and entertainment in people’s life …I am sure it takes a lot to be as humble as twinkle Khanna and it takes a heart of iron to be Rakhi Sawant,” Rakhi wrote on Instagram.

The article had praised Rakhi’s self-awareness and sense of humour. The actress and reality TV personality is known for her funny shenanigans but has had a longevity that rivals many lead actresses’ careers. She was last seen in a popular reality show.

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